2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

         The Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs, the fledgling Right Wing Noise Machine & echo chamber Scoffed @prez Jimmy Carters’ Plan2 save ourNation & Auto Industry over 31 yrs ago Plus less than 6yrs later theGyper Set our Nations’ Energy Future Back by taking down the Carter installed Solar Panels & eliminating the industries tax credits. Moreover the Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs especially one prominent family were prominently in last centurys’ Saving & Loan Scandal which costed ourTreasury over $1.3bn. Is It Not Disgraceful, TREASONOUS & self serving ourFascist..uh.. CORPORATE ..uh..drive-by Leadership & Media Have Parroted theWhine ‘There Will Be Time for Investigations Later’ as they demonized others after 9/11? Are ourConstitution, Dover censored Citizen Soldiers & the vast undocumented many USAns & otherHumans displaced, maimed, murdered & psychologically injured Honored Without Indictments, Impeachments & Incarcerations AFTER the DEATH & DESTRUCTION in ourUSA/Afghanistan/Iraq, theLOOTING of ourTreasury & the TRASHING of our RULE of LAW including the over 1100 Signing Statements, the end of Habeas Corpus & the end of the 1807 Posse Comitatus Act plus the acknowledged illegal spying on USAns before & after dismissal of the binLaden attack USA PDB over 7yrs 3mths 2wks 4ds ago.

Good if you Missed This!

The Interment of vast undocumented many HUMANS of publically acknowledged Japanese, scores of still secret many of Italian & other descent without cause & due process during WW2.

To bad if you did!

Only wackos/kooks..uh.. COMMIES/SOCIALIST ..uh. .lefties/libs so called America Haters took2 theStreet even after our Courts stood up & demanded publication of the PENTAGON PAPERS Proved the Malfeasance of ourGuv during our Fraudulent, INHUMANE & futile Occupation of parts of So.Asia during the so called Vietnam War

Can Not Get Traction!

This is how they managed the Iraq War billions according2 Senator Byron Dorgan Can you imagine the scope and scale of the theft that will take place with the bank bailouts?


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