Worst than OJ & Socialism
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

                  Our Nations’ self proclaimed #1 water carrier like the rest of our formerly called Free Press Circle Jerks because they are Censored..uh..LACKtheBALLS ..uh..refuse2 hammer the fact After Promising Much  during our 2000 national horserace But Delivering only 6 plus yrs of 24/7 Belligerently, Inhumanely & Fraudulently  Marketing of Bloodletting As Our Worlds’ Only Mission, our present prez  Run & Hide..uh.. CUT & RUN..uh..retreat in defeat From our Crisis du-jour Because Jimmy Carter Was Right About What Our Auto Industry Needed2 Do Over 30yrs ago but was Rolled back by theCons..uh..GOP..repugs over the prevailing decades. Few Exhibit Their Partys’ It Is All A Game Death Loving Philosophy, Humanity & Vision Better Than Alabamas’ nonSen Richard Shelby Who Has Never Met A Lens He Could Not Fill. Is It Not Sad a clip of an unseen, unadvertised Movie Trailer Identified the causa belli of mien kampf/theMission ..uh..the GOOFY WAR of FEAR..uh..the so called global war on terror  not 1 of our so called Free Press?  Why was quit in the nick of time former FBI czar Louis Freeh Given a free pass about what he knew personally & do you believe it was a Coincidence or Conspiracy Able Danger Was Not Investigated by our pensioner whitewashers (the 9/11 commission)?

Good if you missed this!

Many believe outward symbols are more important than our always hiding VP publicly with winks DISRESPECTING USAns’ about Carnage in ourName & with our$$$$$s.

Too bad if you did!

Yet some of our Nations’ greatest thinkers believe differently from those who endeavor2 enshrine the retro-active legalization of treason..uh..blatant overt ABUSES of POWER..uh..the disappearing/torturing/caging/killing/spying on vast undocumented many USAns & otherHumans without due process &/or special courts.

Can Not Get Traction!

Supporting our Troops Means not questioning their mission nor Leaders, RIGHT or are wackos/kooks..uh.. COMMIES/SOCIALIST..uh..lefties/libs so called America Haters RIGHT?


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