unfinished biz pt 20
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

       It is almost Funny the minority leader of our misReps & colleagues have caught a case of fiscal responsibility after Lying about Pimping..uh.. USING.. uh..Winning the Hearts & Minds in Iraq before Cashing Out..uh.. PAYING4.. uh..admitting the End of Free Market Principles during the Bailout of Bankers. Plus it is almost Funny the Cons..uh..GOP..repugs, the RIGHT WING NOISE MACHINE & echo chamber whine socialism before & after our national horserace but  ignore the fate of the middle class (everyone dismiss the poor). Is it not sad Disgusting but true after 7 plus yrs of marketing carnage the Cons..uh..GOP..repugs, the RIGHT WING NOISE MACHINE & echo chamber spend more time circling the wagon than ourFascist..uh..CORPORATE..uh.. drive-by LEADERSHIP & MEDIA DEVOTE2 mien kampf/theMission..uh.. GOOFY WHINE of FEAR..uh..so called global war on terror or on providing solutions after 8yrs of Treason..uh..DERELICTION OF DUTY..uh.. incompetenceAre you proud ourFascist..uh..CORPORATE..uh.. drive-by LEADERSHIP & MEDIA still believe USAns are so Stupid..uh..IGNORANT.. uh.. ill informed not2 recognize $ell Outs..uh..AVERAGE AMERICAN HATE..uh..petty party politics  in the battle over the American Recovery & Reinvestment Plan?

Good if you missed this!

Lies about the AMERICAN RECOVERY & REINVESTMENT PLAN go un challenged.

To Bad if you did!

President Barack Hussein Obamas’ plan is easy2 find & understand.

Can Not Get Traction!

The Bigotry..uh..XENOPHOBIA..uh..scapegoating never ends even during times of agreed upon crisis & Lies that costed our Nations’ honor, credibility & moral high ground SPUN..uh..REVISED..uh..dumbed down


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