unfinished biz pt 24
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

                    With The Meter Running  & No Endgame in Sight on their use of our$$$s it is way past obvious the Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs are playing petty politics about prez44s’ attempt2 win USAns Hearts & Minds  with the American Recovery &Reinvestment Act like they have with all of the Pros..uh..DIMs..uh. .libs efforts2 heed USAns after our 2004-06 national horseraces. The GOP king in waiting failed pushing earmark during our 2006 national horserace so everyone including Idiots..uh..STUCK on STUPID..uh..ditto/hannitized GOP puppets should be embarrassed the same nonSENs offer our$$s to bankers & suggest USAns only need tax cuts after over 8yrs of trickle up economics. Is it not funny our Fascist..uh..CORPORATE..uh..drive-by Leadership & Media Did Not Give Traction2 Complaints about how fast the so called Patriot Act was enacted but Whine about the speed of passage concerning the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act while crying about minutiae real or imagined? Are our Dover censored  citizen soldiers honored by the Bigfooting of  loops, coverage & reports about prez44s’ lack of bi-partisanship despite promises?

Good if you missed this!

  After 8 plus yrs of silence many self described patriots are   fact checking campaign spew from our spokesmouth-n-chief.

Too Bad if you did! 

 Even @this late date some continue2 lie about our Fraudulent, Inhumane & futile occupation but don’t mention the changing nature of death by our citizen soldiers.

Can Not get Traction!

What the hard-core religious staters prove those who do not learn history repeats it sadly our$$$s are being used4 this ignorance instead of winning hearts & minds or providing safety of USAns






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