Evils’ Victims

April 22, 2009

  unfinished biz pt 30
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

       The recent whines is CYA not National Interest since our formerly always hiding VP Did Not Attend a Single Meeting DID NOT champion torture..uh..CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY..uh..harsh interrogation techniques before 9/11 BUT supported giving a medal2 the FBI headquarter Lawyer Marion’spike’Bowman who was instrumental in stopping The Dots being Connected by FBI field agent ColleenRowley & cohorts. Plus the Cons..uh..GOP ..uh..repugs snivels about Liberty & Tyranny is as honorable, credible & no less self serving than the serendipitously timed & staged walkout for the right2 spy on USAns without warrants &/or special courts. Is it not sad, disgusting but true the gippers party is acting more like the rulers who when asked politely finally tore down the wall instead of self anointed hiers2 the shining city on the hill because they have lost the battle in the marketplace of ideas? Are you disgusted, embarrassed or amused by the self declared flag waving Great Americans pushing secession like during the civil war or of the wackos/kooks..uh.. commies/socialist..uh..so called America Haters pushing transparency& accountability for our fraudulent, inhumane & futile occupation of the heavily fortified Green Zone..uh..BAGHDAD..uh..Iraq?  


Good if you missed this! 

 On the stump on the way2 a major loss with 1Con..uh..GOP..uh..repug taking the low road

                                         To Bad if you did!                                                    

 The same so called statesone began circling the wagon against the truth over 2yrs ago which has led us2 prez44s’ time of choosing.

  Can NOT get traction! 

 When just following orders or writing memos of condoning lawbreaking was not considered an excuse by those supposedly supporting USA values during mien kampf/the Mission..uh..GOOFY WAR of FEAR..uh..global war on terror


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