April 16, 2009

unfinished biz pt 29
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

            Cynics..uh...uh..CONSPIRACY..uh..coincidence theorist chortle the same so called grassroot teabaggers were the same serendipitously motivated patriots yelling USA after prez43 green lighted..uh..AIDED & ABETTED..uh..allowed the death & destruction of 16 acres of NYC, less than 1/5th of ourPentagon & a small part of a large vacant field in Penn. by not leading nor warning USAns before 9/11. Cynics..uh..CONSPIRACY..uh..coincidence theorist also chortle the same so called grassroot move america forwarders were also the same serendipitously motivated support our troopers dumbing down our fraudulent, inhumane & futile occupation in the heavily fortified Green Zone..uh..Baghdad ..uh..Iraq. Is it truethe same whiners..uh..PROPAGANDIST of the 1996 Telecommunication Act who used our public airwaves to 24/7 attacked prez44 before our 2008 national horserace now market the anti- USA protest in the guise of tax protest? Are you proud the same self announced nationalist are also the same self proclaimed Great Americans who support spying on USAns without warrants or special court?

Good if you missed this!

On the edge @the beginning of Fair & Balanced

To bad if you Did! 

The former moral majority exposes how far & how many of the mighty have fallen


Terrorizing of innocent women & children in the middle of the night





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