March 20, 2009

unfinished biz pt 27
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

                          The same whiners..uh..PROPAGANDIST..uh..winners of the 1998 Media Deregulation Act bigfooting the few scores of USAns attending so called Tea Parties off cycled the 100ks who marched in protest2 our Fraudulent, Inhumane & Futile Occupations especially in the heavily fortified Green Zone..uh..Baghdad ..uh..Iraq. Plus the same whiners..uh..PROPAGANDIST.. uh.. winners of the 1998 Media Deregulation Act blaming prez44s’ team after less than 61 days in office about the end of free markets blamed prez42 about 9/11 despite the open secret prez43s’ team had been warned repeatedly over 8mths before the death & destruction of 16acres of NYC, less than 1/5th of ourPentagon a small part of a large vacant field in Penn.. Is it possible the member of our shack of  misReps who is against union labor is being honest, credible & non self serving in calling4 the resignation of our sec of treasury replacement face after less than 60dys? Are you proud theCons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs whine about less than 0.00001% of our GDP instead of apologizing about the attempts2 Loot..uh..CRONYTIZE ..uh..privatize our financial safety net which thankfully the Pros..uh..DIMs..uh.. libs defeated?

Good if you missed this! 

Prez43 shows skills when going it alone   

Too bad if you did!

The first interview with what the right wing noise machine considers the real leader of ourUSA  after 8plus yrs of shrubbery.  

Can Not Get Traction! 

USAns are kept in the dark in Iraqabout the use of our$$$$





One Response to “Outrage”

  1. Doofus said

    I agree with you prez44 is doing the best he can I also enjoyed the real leader of our usa on utube

    thanks for keeing me aware


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