Ideological War

March 3, 2009


unfinished biz pt 25
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS(JOURNALIST/caved-in/drowned/REFUGEED/homeless/wageless)???

               Like toddlers who have lose their battle without really putting up a fight4 (looting..uh..CRONYTAZTION ..uh..privatization) over our financial safety the Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs express themselves by blaming prez44 about the trashing of prez43s’ al queada.. uh..BASE..supporters fortunes & their own 401ks. Plus like toddlers who were proven wrong about the payers of our Fraudulent Inhumane & Futile Occupation of the heavily fortified Green Zone..uh..Baghdad ..uh..Iraq our LEADERSHIP & MEDIA Lack the coin of the realm of Credibility attacking the Pros..uh..DIMs..uh..libs about our$$$s. Is it not as stupid, Disgusting but true Xenophobia..uh..NAME CALLING..uh.. Scapegoating of prez44 by the Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs & our LEADERSHIP & MEDIA is as honorable credible & self serving as support of mien kampf/theMission..uh..GOOFY WHINE of called global war on terror during the past 8yrs? Are you proud only the wackos/kooks..uh.. COMMIE/ called America Haters are outraged about the 24/7 over-hyped alleged success of the so called surge which lacks an endgame & doesn’t the whines about Afghanistan by our LEADERSHIP & MEDIA parrot the noise before the overthrow of the leadership in Vietnam by the so called best & brightest?
Good if you missed this!
Been here done this: Bro Can you spare a dime  

To Bad if you did!

Prez43 flaunt USAns’ Lack of Backbone by admitting crimes against humanity 

Can Not Get Traction!

 The 1Statesones who believe in our Rule of Law lays out his claims



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