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February 5, 2009

unfinished biz pt 21
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

         It is embarrassingly obvious theCons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs , Right Wing Noise Machine & echo chamber 24/7 trash prez44 over staffers & the American Recovery & Reinvestment Bill because of lack of an honorable Endgame beside Groveling4 the Idiots..uh..COWARDS..uh..self proclaimed Great Americans Who Believe ourUSA Can Be destroyed by random suicidal miscreants &/or a poverty world ruler. Everyone including Idiots..uh..Stuck on Stupid..uh..ditto/hannitized GOP puppets should be embarrased our so called LEGISLATORS, ELITES & formerly called FREE PRESS our provide more the travails of minority males than ourFascist..uh..CORPORATE..uh..drive-by LEADERSHIP & MEDIA provide about the burden felt by majority males. Is it disgusting theCons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs , Right Wing Noise Machine & echo chamber blame the financial crisis on the Pros..uh..DIMs..uh..libs forcing Fannie Mae/ Freedie Mac & others2 give Nigs..uh..COLOREDS..uh..poor people homes yet never mention our MBA CEOs’ Ownership Society marketing nor the lack of oversight by the previous administrations’ watchdogs? Are you proud theattack unions & are you not also proud the former GOP king-n-waiting JMcCain parrot HHoover the genius behind our Nations’ last financial crisis?

 Good if you missed this! 

 The way we treat our citizen soldiers speaks volumes about USAns

To bad if you did!

 A former GOP leader as usual makes a fool out of mainstream media talking head  over the significant of token rising. 

Can Not Get traction!

 The Owner of our meltdown  takes responsibility & ask4 help



February 3, 2009

unfinished biz pt 21
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

      The only reason the RED STATE Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs can whine socialism before & after our 2008 national horserace is because of the lack of context provided by our so called LEGISLATORS, ELITES & formerly called FREE PRESS. Moreover The only reason the Cons..uh..GOP.. uh..repugs can trash Pros..uh..DIMs..uh..libs is because of the absence of facts from our fascist.. uh..CORPORATE..uh..drive-by LEADERSHIP & MEDIA. Is it not sad disgusting but true less of our$$$s is projected4 the AMERICAN RECOVERY & REINVESTMENT BILL than mien kampf/theMission..uh..GOOFY WHINE of FEAR..uh..so called global war on terror championed by the Cons..uh..GOP ..uh..repugs, RIGHT WING NOISE MACHINE & echo chamber? Are you proud the Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs deault2 whining about a clean bill get traction instead of those providing solutions 2 our grave national problem?

Good if you missed this!

Before our Dictator..uh..DONUT..uh..decider no USAns supported Kidnapping..uh.. DISAPPEARING..uh..rendition & ourNation supporting unlimited detentions was something suggested by wackos/kooks..uh.. COMMIES/SOCIALIST..uh.. lefties/libs so called AMERICA HATERS.

To Bad If you did!

The self anointed support ourTroop czars are sleazily..uh..SELFISHLY..uh..self servingly silent about this tragedyamong our stop losted citizen soldiers

Can Not get traction!

 Some Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs wish their party would move on to the 21st century instead of continuing2 support the myth of theGiper.

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