December 18, 2008

unfinished biz pt.13
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

          Nothing Exposes the Treason..uh..AMERICA HATING..uh..bias of our formerly called Free Press More Than the Bigfooting of the Guilt by Association With the 1source reported He Say/He Say Miscreant Ill Guv Instead of Real Time Loops, Coverage & Reports of Outrage by USAns About our always hiding VP patting himself on the back while Admitting Championing Torture..uh..CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY..uh..water-boarding Especially Since our #2 despite being anointed Terrorism czar 7mths earlier Did Not Hold a single meeting before 9/11 even after the 1mth early 12 noon delivery of the 3AM wake-up call with the binLaden Attack USA PDB over 7yrs 4mths 1wk 6ds ago. Unless You Consider the Sleazy, Treasonous, self serving Fact Nothing Exposes the Treason..uh.. AMERICA HATING..uh..bias of our formerly called Free Press More Than the Bigfooting of the Unraveling Ponzi Scheme Instead of the vast undocumented off the books Billion$$ Spent4 Carnage in ourName & With our$$$s in Afghanistan & Iraq. Should Not Everyone, not just our Citizen Soldiers, their Families, friends &Survivors Be Insulted theCons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs, RIGHT WING NOISE MACHINE & echo chamber just like during their 8yrs 24/7 pimp of the search4semen stain dress Have Defaulted2 Bigfooting an alleged Dim are dumb as he..uh..STUPID..uh..self destructive conservators or Union Busting & Whining ..uh..POOR US’ jerking Instead of Supporting ourTroops As Suggested by our self declared War Prez over 4yrs10mths 1wk 2ds ago? Are you Proud, Disappointed or Surprised ourFascist..uh.. CORPORATE LEADERSHIP & MEDIA DID the OPPOSITE EVEN THOUGH the Same #s of USAns Opposed the Invisible Hand Looting.. AS the #s of USAns Who Have BeenSupporting Bringing All of our Citizen Soldiers Home With Glory Soon as if not Now4 over 3yrs 4mths 3dys?

Good if you missed this!

A self described Great American Exposes His Colors

Too Bad if you Did!

This is how we lost our MORAL HIGH GROUND

Can Not Get Traction!

Because we Love our Nation We all should be Ashamed if they do not replace junk news.

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