unfinished biz pt.12

December 10, 2008

unfinished biz pt.12
2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, USAns & otherHUMANS

           Cynics..uh..CONSPIRACY..uh..coincidence theorist Note our so called Liberal Media Have Already in less than 8hrs Provided more loops coverage & reports about the 1source reported Miscreant Ill Guv Than About the vast undocmented many GOP & George W. Bush staffers Who Have Been under investigations, indictments & are incarcerated Nor Do our formerly Called Free Press Mention the Disgraceful, Treasonous & self serving Fact our self proclaimed originalist..uh..STRICT CONSTRUCTIONIST..uh..founding czars channeling Rule of Law Protectors DID NOT TESTIFY ALONE NOR UNDER OATH After Not Leading Nor Warning USAns Before 9/11 despite the 12noon delivery of the 3AM wake-up call over 7yrs 4mths 3ds ago. Everyone especially theIdiots..uh..STUCK on Stupid..uh..ditto/hannitized GOP puppets Should Be Embarrassed our now called Mainstream Media Trashed the Only 1 of our so called Public Servant Who Offered an Apology Instead of an Excuse after the Treason..uh..DERELICTION of Duty..Uh..Incompetence Before 9/11 unlike our present prez. Is It Not Sleazy, Treasonous & self serving our so called LEGISLATORS, ELITES & formerly called FREE PRESS UNDER the RADAR the Championing of the disappearing/caging/torturing/killing/spying on vast undocumented many USAns & otherHumans without due process &/or special courts despite no mushroom cloud tools, no open source alleged hater ties nor connections to 9/11? Are You Proud the Dead Trees..uh..INK STAINERS..uh.. newspapers/books/magazine Have Been Losing $$s Since repudiating the Late Gary Webbs’ Pulitzer Prize Truths About the Dark Alliance by bowing down2 our present administration before our 2000 national horserace?

Good if you missed this!

Using our citizen soldiers2 sell failure.

To Bad if you did!

One of the Bloodlettings’ strongest supporters Can Not Explain Why He Is Not On the central front.

Can Not Get Traction!

Things Are Not As Great as Sold with our off shore caged confessions.

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