unfinished biz pt.9

November 28, 2008

2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, mercenaries, otherUSans & HUMANS

     Unfortunately or Fortunately, depending upon your bias The Bigfooting of the Criminality of some yet unknown miscreants In India, Only Highlight the Disgraceful, TREASONOUS & unexplainable Fact USAns Still Have Not Heard the unidentified countless Many Air Traffic Control Room Tapes or From the unknown many of the 8 Black Boxes that were found Plus USAns Have Not Seen Pictures of the Wings, Tails, Engines & Wheels Nor of the Rows & Rows & Rows & Rows of Seats From the 1source reported 4very large Commercial Planes That Landed..uh..CRASHED..uh..caused the Death & Destruction of 16 acres of NYC, less than 1/5th of our Pentagon & a small part of a very large field in Penn. on 9/11 over 7yrs 2mths 2wks 3ds later.

Good if you missed this!

Fascism results from an ill informed religionist corporate focused belligerent nationalist leader worshiping political majority. Isn’t that why our so called Newscycle is so empty?

Too Bad if You Did 

Since our formerly called Free Press Is censored..uh..LACKtheBALLS..uh. .refuse2 tell the truth about the vast undocumented many disappearing/torture in ourName & with our$$$s we must depend on movies which get little advertisement. 

Can Not Get Traction

Whistleblowers before 9/11 were shunned, their shunners were rewarded, promoted & given bonuses.


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