Unfinished biz pt.6

November 15, 2008

2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

      The almost eight plus yrs of fearmongering & lies destroys the schadenfreude ..uh..GUILTY PLEASURE..uh..joy of the spoofs & satire. Plus the 1st Bretton Woods reshaped our World but it is very obvious the sequel like always will flop which is why our Fascist..uh..CORPORATE..uh..drive-by leadership & media have defualted2 snooty put-ups & the self serving He say/She say inside politics. Is it not disgusting binLaden plans new attacks bigger than 9/11 over 7yrs 2mths 1dy after the ‘Those WHO DID THIS WILL HEAR FROM US(A)’ bullhorn photo-op? Are you proud spew about the GOP skirt replaces real time loops, coverage & reports of the threat2 our Nations’ future, the challenge2 our Treasurys’ might & our Worlds’ only mission?

 Good if you missed this!

George W. Bush & the Ownership Society
Video insight from our Nations’ #1 self proclaimed WATER CARRIER about the Democratic Party & the outcome of Iraq.

To Bad if you did! 

Almost 30yrs ago, Jimmy Carter last week jetted halfway round the world in a two-pronged attack on the problems of the American auto industry.
Barack Obama & the Ownership Society  

Can not get traction

Curt Weldon Reveals Hijackers were under Observation years before 9/11.
Who owns the mass media?
The power of media!


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