unfinished biz pt.5

November 14, 2008

2975, Anthrax. Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS


          It is embarrassingly obvious our self proclaimed Visionary Foreign Policy Experienced No Nation Building Rule of Law Protectors must be Indicted, Impeached & Incarcerated because the causa belli of mien kampf..uh..GOOFY WHINE of FEAR..uh..the so called global war on terror Is A Lie since according to author and journalist Mickey Herskowitz who held many conversations with the then candidate Two Years Before 9/11,George W. Bush was Already Talking About Attacking Iraq despite whine about the so called ‘Axis of Evil’. Plus it is also embarrassingly obvious without Indictments, Impeachments & Incarcerations ourNations’ Honor, Credibility & Moral High Ground Will Not Return because George W.  Bush sounds ‘compassionate conservative’ theme in Iowa – June 12, 1999 yet did not stand up but quickly signed on when Congress passes bankruptcy bill which rewards financial industry at consumers’ expense even though according to official press release the President Signs Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention, Consumer Protection Act in Room 350 of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building on April 20, 2005. Is it not way past embarrassing over 7yrs 1mth 29days after the “Those Who Did This Will Hear From US(A)” bullhorn photo-op that the Bin Laden Plans New Attacks Bigger Than 9/11 receive less real time loops, coverage & reports than Sarah Plains’ Wardrobe , other minutia about our 2008 & 2012 national horseraces? Are our Constitution, Dover censored citizen soldiers & the vast undocumented many USAns & otherHumans displaced, maimed, murdered & psychologically injured honored by the Sleazy, Treasonous & self serving Fact our formerly called Free Press Is Censored From..uh..LACKtheBALLS..uh..refuse2 Hammer George W. Bush’s Broken Record even though our vaunted big$$$s Treasurys’ might, sources, methods & allies still battles a stateless band of warlords, alleged haters & worshipers of another deity in Afghanistan over 7yrs 2mths 1wk after the binLaden attack USA PDB & the 43rd president leaves office without a legacy to stand on?

Irving C. Jackson 1135 107th Ave. Oakland, Ca. 94603

510-568-6976 hardnews1’s blog 


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