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November 9, 2008

November 8,2008 

2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

         Our no Fairness Doctrine alphabets (non cable TV/radio) gladly MORPHED FROM a part of our formerly called FREE PRESS INTO A SEGMENT OF OUR now called MEDIA AFTER THE 1996 MEDIA DEREGULATION ACT,  OUR DEAD TREES (newspapers/magazines/books) SIGNED THEIR DEATH CERTIFICATES one by one with great fanfare WHEN THEY BOWED DOWN2 theDARK ALLIANCE before our 2000 national horserace by trashing the late Gary Webbs’ Pulitzer Prize Truths & OUR so called LEGISLATORS MUST HAVE BEEN MADE CONSPIRATORS DURING the 18mths 24/7 faith & fearmongering of the dubious WMD march2Baghdad. ARE DID THEY BECOME COWARDS AFTER THE ANTHRAX5 MURDERS? ARE YOU PROUD OF OUR NEWSCYCLE?

Good if you missed this!

 Cashing the Obama Check: Will It Come Back Marked “Insufficient Funds?”, many are prepared to collect on the hopes that swept Barack Obama into office.  Read more… 

To bad if you did! 

Daily Kos: State of the Nation  In the newscycle I’m fighting4 this would get as much play as bashing nigs..uh..rev wrong..uh..wright. good thing Barack did not need it.   

http://www.newamericancentury.org/statementofprinciples.htm       This was signed over 5yrs before 9/11, why don’t our so called FREE PRESS MENTION IT? 

Can not get traction

  What Do Immigration and Religion Have To Do With The Price Of Meat? Everything! (Full article …)





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